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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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news and weather, come preparing for a major meeting today. what it could mean for solar customers in the silver state. the nugget is going through ownership. why the transition is not happening without the sheriff pontiff person. when officials say we could expect to see a fitness road and why they say it is beneficial to the environment around them. if you haven't finalized your romantic plans for this valentine's day yet, there is still time coming up. how to make this idea extra special for your special someone. >> you're watching mornings on fox 11. connecting northern nevada. good friday morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on fox 11 at 7:00. first few segments of the show.
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the top to say listen, we'll be talking not just about -- about valentine's day, but monday is president's day. we've got an extended forecast ahead of us takiki a look at this holiday weekend. we'll be taking a look at that. >> this is a huge weekend for ski resorts. we know that president's day weekend. did you know that he is being honored for president's day >> no. >> george washington and abraham lincoln, right? >> i am going to say that you're right, but i have no idea. i think that you are right. 63 in town for the mild day on tap for us, partly cloudy skies. keeping the temperatures from really rising to the levels that we were expecting, pulling back on today's high a little bit at 63 rather than the upper 60s, which is what we initially thought for today. 61 at carson city. 64 at salt lake. air quality is moderate. the green burn plan is still in place.
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will continue to have that in place for now and it has not been all that bad as far as air quality is a concern. 20s and 30s out there for the temperatures across the area now. so that is fairly typical for this time of the year. but hey, this afternoon, even if we're not going for the upper 60s, we will still be above average for the highs. going for the low 60s in reno and the average is 50 degrees. there are some clouds out there right now. the storm track is way off to our north for now. but that is going to change on the seven-day forecast. when to expect the next rain chance in a few minutes. back over to you. >> all right, thank you, tim. today should be a big day for the public utilities commission. the panel is expected to decide a controversial solar rate change, impacting the existing rooftops and something that we're watching very closely. new rate structure went in to effect on january 31. solar customers would feel the impact in four years, but they are reconsidering that decision following the harsh criticism.
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the rate change is needed so traditional electricity customers are not subsidizing their neighbors using solar. but some say that it is not what's driving this change in nevada and across the u.s. they say that utility companies fear a hit to the bottomline. >> it's happening now because they have a choice for the first time to choose cleaner energy for less than dirty energy. >> a new 12-year plan for existing customers is being proposed by the commissioner. we'll be at the meeting, bringing us the latest developments later today on our sister station news 4 and also on our noon show today here on fox 11. >> the environmental protection agency has agreed to give them another 60 days to decide if officials want to oppose the agency's plan to declare the toxic, abandoned mine a priority, the super fund site. epa originally gave the governor the end of january to make up his mind.
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april to do so. and he claimed that they continue to fear a drop in property values if the former anaconda mine is added to the national priority list. there's an end in sight. they say that construction should wrap up in late 2017. madison corney has the final piece for us. >> reporter: it is more than 50 years in the making, connecting the community. >> they sold the project manager and that while building the southeast connector, they removed more than 3.8 million pounds of trash and created an 80-acre wetland complex. >> we would have also removed more than 369 million pounds of basic weed and soils. so it will be a nice
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>> reporter: the project stretches 5.5 miles from south reno to the eastern most parts of reno and sparks. to run the entire length of the project. wonderful opportunity for cyclists, the river trails down to the extensive bike lanes that are in the double diamond ranch area. >> the project hasn't gone without criticism though. the case was dismissed. >> all the legal challenges are behind us with four separate judges, as well as the army corp. of engineer as they would follow the process of how to analyze and evaluate the project. the project team members are excited to show them what they can expect. >> this is just the original road. it is not elevated like what they thought it would be, down
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people that are building a massive interstate system through their area, you know, next to the neighborhood and that's not the case. >> and to learn more about the connector procorrect head to the sister's news station. they're bumming the major projects designed to protect them from flooding. preconstruction, engineering, design. they will help in repairing the segment of the washer procorrect damaged back in 2014. well, the casino is making headlines this morning. they've announced that they will be selling the properties.
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surrounding the previous change. the current owner filed the court documents, claiming that they did not comply with the bank's secrecy act while owning the casino. they failed to report the suspicious activity. treated full story, head to the sister station's website. and another casino news on your friday, local casinos, almost $5 million following the miscalculation of the gaming tax formula. the county has been undergoing the casinos since 2009. shorted about half a million dollars a year and the city of reno, shorted about $100,000. and they are all seeing a 30- fold increase in their gaming tax bills starting in july to
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they're being asked to clarify the state laws on the self-defense of others. after revisiting their reversal of the murder conviction. in the sparks casino shootout between the rival biker gangs, it would happen at the nugget. they're asking the high court to reconsider the ruling overturning the conviction. gonzalez was sentenced in 2013 to up to life in prison. and based on the faulty instructions of the jury that found ernesto gonzalez guilty. >> on your crime watch this morning, they arrested a suspect with officers, but that it is not the initial person that they were looking for. at first they believed he was the suspect that held up the gas station cashier on monday morning and then they took local law enforcement on the
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after investigating, more surveillance footage. wolfe was ruled out as a suspect. they determined that wesley ford a close family friend was the suspect responsible for the police chase. he was found at a house instead and after a brief standoff with the swat officers on wednesday night, where he surrendered. he now faces multiple charges including robbery with a deadly weapon. and they were called to the starbucks on thursday afternoon. according to the officials on scene, someone sprayed pepper spray in to the air at the starbucks. where people in the coffee shop had trouble breathing. the shop was evacuated and the fire department and hazmat team would show up. and for those of you that still haven't figured out your plans
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have alex margulies in studio for us. lucky for you there's a lot of options happening this weekend. if you want to shy away from chocolate or flowers, new stores to check out. excuse me, there you can find locally made and produced bath products for both men and women and as well as the juice bar is down there. that could make for the unique gift as well. and you can find over on >> i like to group them in to a different categories. if you want to stay at home, you will find the great takeout places. you can also find the great butcher shops and specialty retailers or maybe you want the awesome cheese tray.
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wonderful prefix options as well where they have a five- course menu for $6 a, offering that all weekend long on valentine's day. you can also order the options a la carte as well. and we're going to take a look at sweet treats that you can buy for your special someone. back to you. what's to come. of the last four protesters who stood their ground at the
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that's still coming up and welcome back your time now is 7:15. right now it's 35 degrees in reno. turning now to the national news this morning after nearly two months. the occupation of the oregon wildlife refuge is over. the protesters will remove yesterday. >> now as the communities will continue to send relief, the last hold outs, they will appear at the arraignment hearings on friday. kim hutchinson has the story. >> reporter: four right wing protesters from the mt. horn national wildlife refuge are set to appear in federal court in portland, oregon on friday after they were taken in to custody on thursday. they surrendered to authorities
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that was live streamed on the internet. >> reporter: the surrender of the remaining occupiers will bring to an end the 31-day occupation of the refuge. only a few hours earlier, the federal agents arrested the nevada rancher cliven bundy on six charges from his 2014 standoff with federal officials. he didn't participate in this occupation. but he is considered to be the figure head of the protesters movement and is the father of standoff leader ammon bundy who was arrested last month during the highway confrontation with authorities, in which the other demonstrator was killed. locals are glad that the >> i'm proud of the community. neighbors. i'm proud of the way that you stood up for this stuff. there's been a lot of hurt. there's been a lot of things said. but i don't think that there will be anything done that could not be worked through. >> i'm kim hutchinson
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>> they are working with a national look along with fish and wildlife agents to see how much damage has been done as they say that the refuge will be closed for several more weeks while the bomb technicians comb through the entire area. it's no secret that airlines have been putting the squeeze on passengers. and in order to fit more seats on the plane, the congressman out of tennessee says that he wants to put a stop to it. the representative wants a new law to establish minimum standards that are limiting how small and how close together that seats could actually be. but they say that it will be about safety really. the tennessee democrats say that it is not clear whether evacuated effectively. some argue more seats that will help the lower fares. others argue that it means higher airline profit margins. well the five-story building collapsed in the turkish city today. no one trapped inside. this is breaking as of each minute according to the new
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collapsed on a street near a main shopping district in istanbul's main area. according to preliminary inspections, there isn't anyone inside. he added up that people neither building realized that it was about to collapse when they heard noises and they warned people inside. we will keep you updated on information regarding this incident as more of it becomes available to us. all right, we're going to switch back locally to send things over to meteorologist tim studebaker with a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. the mix of sun and clouds once again for the day today. again some haze possible in some of the valleys. very similar set up to the last several days. so not a lot will be changing. still very warm as far as the temperatures are concerned, but maybe not quite as warm as we had been thinking for the end of the week. we a good amount of cloud cover -- we had a good amount of cloud cover yesterday. we struggled, never making it for the forecast highs for the days. because of the cloud cover, again, we will be pulling back some of those highs for today.
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degrees with partly cloudy skies. 35 degrees in fallon, 16 in eely and 8 degrees out in to elko this morning. chilly start again for the eastern side of the statement there's the clouds. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. good amount of cloud cover in the truckee meadows right now. more clouds would limit the temperatures once again like yesterday. less clouds or fewer and more in the way of sunshine will help us to reach some pretty warm temperatures lathe today. either way it's going to be well above the average for this time of the year. eastern side of the state less so. 30s and 40s. western side of the state 50s and 60s. for this time around we're looking at the lower 60s rather than the upper 60s. 50s around tahoe with light winds and a mix of sun and clouds again and western nevada again the low 60s for the lower elevations today like 62 in dayton, 61 in carson city.
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50s and the lower 60s. about 60 degrees instead today and they would look for reno sparks. again that may not be the 67 or 68 that we were talking about for earlier in the week that it is cooler than that and well above average for this time of the year nonetheless as the average is 50 degrees for tomorrow's day in reno sparks. going for the lower 60s across the area. the mid-50s at south lake tahoe. we are still dry right through the weekend in to the beginning of next week. and very mild temperatures holding on. and i think that we will get a brief warm up on tuesday before the next storm system. this has been a while since we were able to say there's a storm system on your seven-day forecast and there it is. rain in the valleys and a little bit of cooler air mixing in by thursday. so i think that the upper elevations should start to change over for you as it moves closer over to you. >> bring on the rain. thank you, tim. still ahead, parents at the north carolina school district
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will ban students from wearing head gear. we'll discuss it coming up in today's trending.
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we'll be right back. welcome back your time now 7:24. >> trending on social media the eagles will honor glen frey on monday night. they will be joined by singer jackson brown who co-wrote eagle's first hit take it easy with fre -- fray. the rock legend is releasing the autobiography.
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publish their book that they talked about it on thursday and according to the publisher, they would begin discreetly working on the book in 2009. born to run should hit the shelves on september 27. trending to the facebook page. parents in one north carolina school district, they are protesting the school policy that would ban students from wearing head gear. and like hats, hoods, bandannas. they would stem from them earlier this month when a group of female students, they celebrated black history month by wearing the traditional african head dress to school as
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the picture. in regards to clothing what can and cannot be worn. why not a head dress? also a lot of rules are in place about something as simple as the haircut. but is it going to follow what we're talking about, something that will be cultural as we would love to hear what you have to say. go ahead and post your comments, of course join us live on google plus just go ahead and find a link to the hang out and press join. let us know that you're interested. coming up next, northern nevada came together to support the great cause last night. we'll show you some of the highlights from the heros with the heart fundraiser. gorgeous start to the morning. we'll be right back.
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this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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for some people the way their heart is through their stomach that it sounds like your significant other, the perfect sweet treats to tell you about in a couple of minutes. the latest music video. one decided to defie gravity. you wouldn't be surprised about who it is and more on your hollywood minute. and the breakdown of little caesars. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on fox 11. >> so welcoming. >> 7:30, welcome to the show everybody. >> yes, [ laughter ] i could
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show off my shoes here. but it is friday everybody. hope you're enjoying the last day of your workweek, hopefully it is the last day of your workweek, we've got a very romantic weekend ahead of us. >> what about you there romeo? what do you have going on? >> we are snow mobiling yesterday. >> yes, i like that. and thanks to their story as we will hear about that. very good deals going on, the butcher boy for different seafood and different cuts of meat. >> $30 for a beautiful steak and also two lobster tails. >> that is a win. i'll be heading over there immediately to get that ready for sunday. >> he goes snow mobiling to the meadows and that there will be a table there with their steak and lobster tail for their little special friends. >> and it can be done, right? >> nice and high.
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>> sunday night they will go and see a movie. >> i'm hanging out with that. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> all right, meteorologist tim studebaker, how are you doing? >> i think that it will be easier to do saturday night rather than sunday with the work schedule. and for things that will be quiet and as far as how that is concerned, keeping us quiet for the next several days. the temperatures starting off in the 20s and the 30s now for the day today. coming up on the seven-day forecast, we've got warmertemperatures for the next several days. over to you. all right, thank you, tim.
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jenner spirit and last night some of them were honored with the heros of the fundraisers. our very own melissa carlson will mc the event. and appearing as a special appearance, of course. that it was all to benefit the intervention program or tip of northern nevada, which will operate on the shoe string budget of $70,000 a year. and they received some much deserved recognition. >> it is our emergency responders, that they do so much for the community and so much that the general public don't ever get to see. an amazing experience for us to honor them for the special acts. through the tip of northern nevada, which would provide services to more than 9,000 people. >> and if you're not sure what
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we've got you covered. joining us live in studio. hey alex. >> good morning, ryan. they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but chocolate comes in a very close second. if you're thinking about what to get your girlfriend or boyfriend that you cannot go wrong with a sweet treat. and earlier this week, i stopped by the bakery and the cafe to see what they are mixing up for your holiday weekend. and it is well worth it. >> some of them will receive them, whether it will be a child, a mom, or maybe a girlfriend or even a boyfriend.
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last few years that has been popular is that they will bring in a room and have them put it on top of the cupcake. then when they will give it to their fiances, they can open up the little box and the rings are right inside. >> how sweet. what if you're looking to tie the knot this weekend? we'll have more on that. >> that is the thing to do. go see the movie. joining us now to let us know what's going on in hollywood this morning. >> reporter: looking at the box office this week. the top three force awakens, bringing in $7 million.
7:36 am
kung fu panda makes $21 million. let's take a quick look at the work of the brothers. >> and you listen to me buster, the studio has been good to you and everyone else that works here. if i ever hear you bad mouthing it will be the last thing you say. >> i would never do that. >> reporter: played by the 1950s as they work to keep them in line. the simplistic way of putting it. it is really more of the style over the substance movie that it is beautifully shot and captures that era really well. they have some great scenes, even great lines with your share of dry humor. i
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apart that they will have a little bit of everything, yet have nothing. the single line right or kidnapping a movie star, making them see the light of communist thinking. and pause and think and scratch my head. rather than take in the dry satire of it all, two out of four stars. >> that's surprised. >> i know. >> terrific. all right, let's see what's happening on the dvd front. >> yes, on the dvd netflix and direct tv, we have ten new titles out. spectre the new james bond movie.
7:38 am
chasstaine and grandma with lily tomlin. check out grandma if you're trying to pick a good one here. >> and next week we'll check out dead pool with ryan renoylds. >> the comic book-based movie. it will be interesting. >> an r rated cartoon? >> got it. they try to defie gravity and music returns to a paris concert hall. >> david daniel has it all in today's hollywood minute. okay go has broken the gravity habit. they will go weight list for
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inside out. when asked about her knowledge of the african films, commenting we are all from africa originally. we are all africans really. they are all white. music will return to the bataclan concert hall where extremists killed 89 people last november. they are aiming to reopen bit end of the year. and they have joined the throngs. for hollywood minute i'm david daniel. they give the cops a leg up on the suspect.
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today's take a look at this.
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welcome back time is now 7:43 on your friday morning on mornings on fox 11 absolutely gorgeous shot here in nevada to start off your day and kick off the weekend. go ahead, sorry buddy. >> a good samaritan gets his foot involved in a foot chase and after 70 years of the world war ii couple that meets again as you've heard all about this
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>> just in time for valentine's day, take a look at this. >> reporter: police in the uk are looking for a good samaritan that would help them get a leg up on the fleaing suspect. video released by the kingston police department shows them in pursuit of the suspected drug dealer. when they trip up the man. social media erupted with the praise for the swift-footed stranger. a trip to the big house, that was my drift. you get it. when the surf's up, it's up. that's all that matters to surfers, don't take my word for it and check them out in halifax, canada, yes, that's snow on the ground. temperature around 78 degrees. you might call them daredevils, i call them nuts. i'm freezing just watching this. thankfully this story will warm you right up. an american world war ii veteran flew to australia to be reyou nighted with the woman he
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a misunderstanding sent the couple their separate ways. now more than 70 years later after a little web research and some skyping, he's 93, she's 88, and they found their way to each other again. just in time for valentine's day. for take a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. >> that is a great story. and also as far as the snow and surfing, i've done that in one day where you snowboarded and surfed in the same way, but never in the same place. that's crazy. >> we could ski and golf. >> today is the day to do that too. hi tim. >> we've got some warm temperatures out there for the day today. look at that, just a gorgeous shot out there and the sunrise with the clouds and the beautiful stuff for sure. we're going to continue to see beautiful weather going in to the seven-day forecast as well. mix of sun and clouds for your day today with some haze in some of the valleys. still the inversion is holding on, trapping some pollution. and that it has not been all that terrible.
7:46 am
quality at this point. still warm too. temperatures above average for this time of the year by many degrees. and not quite record breaking territory at this point. we are pulling back just a little bit on the highs. 88 degrees in el cajon right now. 30 in fallon and 30 in bishop. it's typically colder on the eastern side of the state and warmer on the western side, especially during the overnight hours. this time around you're also seeing colder temperatures out that way because you have clear skies in place. so clear skies and a good amount of the cloud cover on western nevada right now, playing with those temperatures again later today. breaks of sunshine, intuitive. they will help us warm up. keeping us from warming up very much and that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon, keeping us in the upper 50s
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but we have a good chance to see the lower 60s at least for some of the western nevada towns for later on today at the lower elevations. up around the lake, look for the highs in the 50s there. and the light winds and partly cloudy skies. topping out in to the 60s. 62 in dayton, 61 in carson city. we'll have more details closer to you. this morning parents in one north carolina school district
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that bans students from wearing head gear like hats, hoodies, bandannas. the protest stems from the incident earlier this month when a group of female students celebrated black history month by wearing a traditional african head dress to school. the parents say that the principal told the girls to remove the head dress and they cited that there was a head gear policy in place that they were threatened with disciplinary action if they didn't follow the rules. it's right there on the picture for you as parents of the girls were furious and that the school should support the girls and their cultural heritage. google plus is what you think about. the rules are the rules or not so much when it will come to something that you're wearing on your head. kate, we have talked about things like this before where the hair styles, they are of issue, that if it is distracting, got to go. mohawks, whatever it is. what do you think of them showing their support for wearing the head dress, a part
7:49 am
do you agree? >> i think for certain situations like the holiday or something like that, it should be allowed, but it's school. you're there to learn and that there are comments flying about that and they need to assimilate in to society and that's what they have to do. you know, that this is not a bad individuality, but about learning and growing and learning how to fit in to society to be productive. that there will be way too much stuff, you know, emphasis that will be put on right now, less about doing what's right. >> they will put it out ahead of time and that shouldn't be the case. >> i totally disagree. the schools and the principals are behind it at times. he is to seek and to wear his head gear. and on his head. some of the policemen. take a broader look at
7:50 am
>> zero tolerance means zero thinking. someone makes a rule, that's the rule. you've got to comply with the rule exactly how it is, no
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we'll be right back. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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welcome back during president obama's final state of the union address, he focuses a lot on curing cancer. >> and let's make it a cancer that cures it once and for all. the moon shot program. >> i was very excited. urging it for quite some time. >> it means genetic testing to determine which individuals are predisposed to get cancer.
7:55 am
the genetic mutation. and to their cancer. >> we have a gene to tell us that we'll have coolen cancer. >> reporter: since they discovered the mutation, he has a colonoscopy every year. >> that risk could be virtually eliminated. >> reporter: because of the precision medicine, they are able to get too far. i'm shaw super foods are blackberries, blueberries, they are all deliciously sweet and loaded with antioxidants. skip the regular potato and go for the sweet potato. if you like a little cinnamon,
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that cinnamon can also reduce your index. so sprinkle away. and the dark leafy greens are super foods. they can help reduce the risk of heart disease. rounding out the super foods, they can reduce their inflammation and risk of heart attack or stroke, then it
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for today's health minute. hazmat teams had to be called in. >> an arrest has been made in connection to a robbery. they are now saying they will be responsible for these crimes. almost $5 million. we'll explain the latest of the sale. valentine's day isn't just about flowers and chocolate. how some couples are celebrating in just a couple minutes.
8:01 am
we've got a busy day to come. also talking weather. we were so excited about the moisture we received. >> yeah. but you forgot that we have not had this for a while. and that it is what seems like the inversion layer of that one shot there. >> yeah, we've had it for several days. so that is separate from the actual pollution. the inversion has been there for several days. the pollution has been there, but not all that bad. we'll continue to see the air
8:02 am
light winds, still very mild for the reno sparks area. and 36 in silver springs, a chilly start to the day as you pointed out. just not quite in to that record territory at that point and as a result of what happened yesterday afternoon. keeping those temperatures cooler today. and your seven-day forecast with the storm system on it too. >> thank you very much.
8:03 am
impacts the existing customers, something that we'll be watching very closely. the solar customers would feel the impact in four years. but following some harsh criticism. it's needed so traditional customers are not sub dieing solar, but that's not what is driving the change. and a new plan is being proposed. we'll bring you the latest developments. agreeing to give them another 60 days to abandon mines.
8:04 am
the end of january to make up his mind. some hoe cal residence continue -- some local residence fear a drop in their property values. the city of reno is planning to celebrate the completion of its $18 million virginia street bridge project this spring. they are holding a ceremony scheduled for right now on the new bridge. and it will replace the 110- year-old virginia street bridge, the new design will allow you to pass freely. making headlines this morning. they are selling the properties. but while it is expected to close in the next few months,
8:05 am
documents to claim that the ascuaga family did not comply with the bank's secrecy act while they owned the casino, claiming that they did not implement the money laundering program. head to our sister station's website to read more. they now owe washoe county almost $5 million following a game tax formula. and the county government has been shorted half a million dollars. and in order to fix the mistake, casinos and other establishments are seeing an increase in their tax bills
8:06 am
this comes as the court considers revisiting their reversal of the high-profile con vick that happened back on 2011. asking the high court to reconsider their ruling of ernesto gonzalez who was sentenced. in 2013 to up to life in prison. and a new trial was ordered based partly on the district judge's faulty instructions that he gave to the jury that found him eventually guilty. police arrested a suspect in the robbery and car chase. but it is not the initial person they were looking for. and took local law enforcement on a high-speed chase instead.
8:07 am
surveillance footage, officers say that he was ruled out as a suspect. the close family friend was a suspect responsible for the robbery as he was found in a house instead. on wednesday night he surrendered, facing multiple charges. according to officials on scene, someone sprayed pepper spray. they say that people in the coffee shop had trouble breathing and some began to feel sick. no word yet on the search for suspects at this time.
8:08 am
some ideas of saying i do. >> i hope they will not be saying i don't. and no surprise when i stopped by earlier this week that i was told that valentine's day is one of their most popular days to walk down the aisle. and this is not the only thing that will set them apart. it's one of the largest in town and they have three different ceremony rooms, each with a unique theme and traditional room and a room designed to look like the outdoor garden from the wedding dresses to the flower petals. they say that valentine's day is one of their favorite wedding seasons throughout the entire year. >> everybody is so happy and so willing to share and give themselves to others. being in this business it is even better because they are
8:09 am
excited, it makes it an awesome day for us. >> they are packed this sunday. you can find more information on how to book an appointment throughout the rest of the weekend. coming up in 30 minutes, some gift ideas for you. back to you. >> thanks. >> if you are looking for more excitement this weekend, why not take someone to the special auto show? and 19 of the car dealers will be there. you can find free shows that will take place at the convention center. 10:00 to 8:00 tomorrow and noon to 5:00 on sunday. admission to the show itself is free and a parking fee may apply. well some residence were honored at the pepper mill last night. our own melissa carlson mced
8:10 am
all to benefit the tip of northern nevada that will operate on a shoe string budget. the first responders received some much deserved recognition at the event. more than 26,000 provided services to more than 9,000 people within our community. coming up after the break, spike mcguire makes his return.
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right after the flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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welcome back. it is 8:14 on your friday morning. good morning to you. and high pressure is still in control of the weather the next couple of days here as a result of the inversion where they have been there the last several days, but not building up too much with it and that it will be good news there. going for the lower 60s today with a lot of cloud cover yesterday. limiting the temperatures that we were getting as they could
8:15 am
once again. not quite record breaking territories at this point, which will be about 67. we're going for 62 and 63 today. and as i mentioned that there will be a good amount for the sierra as well and now creeping in too once again for the day today. in to the 30s and the 40s for the highs today. in to the 50s and the 60s. in to the 50s there too and 50 in tahoe city. the light winds with a mix of sun and clouds and still very quiet for us going through most of the seven-day forecast.
8:16 am
average temperatures. four degrees away from the record and 3 degrees above -- and 13 degrees above the average for this time of the year. the next few days with the highs in the 60s and the 50s. look at the 63 for the next few days in reno sparks. up to the 60s for tuesday next week and the next storm system will start to arrive. continuing as rain on thursday in the valleys, the upper elevations changing to snow over to you. the program director at sports west athletic club. today, we will be talking about something that i think it will be the basics for everyone. and that it seems like it will be everywhere, the whole nine yards. that you're saying it is not really that good of an exercise? >> yeah, the reason is that we know that from the research
8:17 am
overtime the tissues break down. then we're going to feel the symptoms of the injury. so instead of doing the old school set ups, where i would hold your feet. and you grab your head. let's show how we can do some exercise that will not hurt our back. >> okay, i will let you do it. and where you rest your shoulders. i'll pull down to my toes and up to my elbows, then make my stomach tight and make my butt tight. and that is making your stomach stronger without injurying your back. >> but hold on a second. some people will do the plank and they feel like that is stress in their lower back and they are like awe this hurts too bad that you're saying that it will be okay in >> we don't want them to feel stress. if you don't have the strength to do it from your toes, then we will do it from your knees. >> oh, okay. >> that will be less stressful. a bunch of other ways to modify
8:18 am
without hurting your back. >> that we can show you that. >> yeah, do you have any others to show you? >> sure. >> we will work you out there. >> yes, the reverse grudge. that's my back. i'll drive my knees up to the ceiling. then focus on from the ribs to my pelvic floor to make that as tight as you can. >> that is not an easy one. that is not easy. >> they are not putting your back in stress. >> another one, quickly you have about 30 seconds left. people love to do these that you will see right there, off your microphones. >> these are bad because right now i'm driving the humorous bone up to my shoulder as we all have shoulder injuries. at 50. and i will not ask how old you are. >> 21. >> but we know the research that people over 40, they have shoulder injuries. you might not feel the symptoms, this will create more symptoms. you want to work your triceps, we will hold this position and then that will keep your elbow, your shoulder from driving up in to those soft tissues. but yeah everybody is worried
8:19 am
don't do dips, do extensions or kickbacks. >> okay, and people having to do that? >> we can come over to sports west >> thank you so much for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> ryan over to you. >> all right, melissa thank you. he's back on mornings on fox. spike mcguire from the band six mile station also performs a solo artist. that is exactly what's happening right now. spike, take it away. hi, i'm spike mcguire. a song about the places that i go in my sleep.
8:20 am
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8:25 am
welcome back your time is 8:25. let's go ahead and take a look at what's trending this morning. we are starting with twitter. social media giant says that the last 2 million users of 2015. now that news caused twitter stocks to drop 12% in afterhours trading on wednesday. at the end of last year twitter had almost 305 million active users. facebook has 1.6 billion with a b, even instagram surpassed twitter in september with 400 million users. >> amazing. all right, also trending on social media, it's going to cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida.
8:26 am
according to the orlando sentinel. a one-day adult ticket to two of the orlando theme parks will cost $105. up a whopping $3 from last year. the cost of the park ticket goes from $147 to $155. one-day tickets for children ages 3-9 is now $100. in all a family of four wishing to visit the universal theme park should expect to pay $610, which is less expensive than some ski resorts here locally just for comparison. >> yeah, but that is just for a day. all right coming up, the local barbershop is showing off the old fashion technique with a modern spin. we're going to introduce you to the derby supply company in your think local segment. flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me.
8:27 am
this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
8:29 am
8:30 am
to commit or not commit. that's the question for somecouples on this valentine's day. if you're not ready to tie the knot, don't worry, we have ideas to make this weekend extra special. we'll take you inside the barbershop that is a 1920s steal. rumors have been circulating about the raiders moving to las vegas. what their owners could now say or not say about the team's future. this is mornings on fox. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on fox, 8:30. last half hour of the show. >> it all blends together. >> that's right. some big news potentially.
8:31 am
>> yeah with the raiders, they're looking desperately for a new home. the oakland coliseum is not the best place to go see a game, so yeah las vegas certainly in play, but oakland will be in oakland for at least one more year. >> it is crazy about the whole thing. los angeles didn't have a team last year and now there were talks actually about them having the rams. the chargers, and the raiders. like zero teams to three teams. >> having to tell one of them hey you can't come. it's exciting for people down in southern california. that's for sure after 20 plus years without a football team. >> that was wrong to begin with. all right. let's toss it over to meteorologist tim studebaker who has a beautiful valentine's day weekend for us. >> all right, good morning to you. warm temperatures across the seven-day forecast. and now moisture chances until we get to the other end of it with a storm on the way for the middle of next week. that will be on the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. we do have a good amount of
8:32 am
western nevada and that is exactly what happened yesterday with so much cloud cover in fact that there are temperatures that never made it to the forecast highs for the day. we ended up with a cooler day than what we were thinking because of those clouds. that could happen for a few spots today. we pulled out the highs for later today compared to what we were originally thinking for today's day-to-day in the up -- today's date in the upper 60s. no restriction on burning right now. 20s and 30s across western nevada and the sierra at the moment. as we head in to the afternoon temperatures, they're still going to be well above average, just not quite record territory anymore. low 60s verses the high 60s, which were the original thoughts for today. partly cloudy skies for western nevada and the sierra. those clouds are starting to creep up. that will be out there for the day today. partly cloudy skies with some haze in the valleys, very warm temperatures. coming up on your seven-day forecast an end is in sight. we will let you know when and
8:33 am
back to you. all right yesterday a discovery captivated the world of physics. >> that's right. gravitational waves have been detective proving that ripples exist in the fabric of space and time. check this out. >> we have detected the gravitational waves. we did it. [ applause ] >> that is exciting stuff. the team of international astro physicists used an instrument to detect the gravitational wave from a very distant collision of two black holes. gravitational waves were first talked about by einstein in 1916 as a part of the generalrelativity therapy. now they will add a new dimension to the visible universe instead of just pictures. >> so cool. all right, well a local barbershop is bringing back an old tradition with a modern twist. >> how derby supply company may
8:34 am
>> reporter: when you step inside derby supply company, it may feel like you've warped back in time. >> we've taken that old school tradition and old school look and fused it with modern techniques. >> reporter: owner vinny gravalici opened this shop three months ago. the theme all about the 1920s. >> i was a trumpet player in high school, i played jazz band. the era of the hair styles, just america and the roaring 20s was always a very inspirational time in america. >> reporter: what also makes derby so unique is where it is located. >> so i believe there's four to five floors of apartments above us. >> reporter: in the basement of the ross manor apartments. >> this space has been vacant for about 20 years, it used to be a bar and actually a salon back in the early 80s. >> reporter: the first time he set eyes on the building he knew it would capture his dream. >> the first cream is such an
8:35 am
the river and the movie theater. the way this barbershop sits a little bit underground gives it that 1920s, new york, big city feel where you know you're walking downtown, you saw a movie, maybe you see dinner. you see the barbers working. this building is gorgeous. >> reporter: gravalici began his career in to the barber world eight years ago. >> my great grandfather was a barber, my uncle was a barber, my mother is a hair stylist. a long line of people from the hair industry. >> reporter: the goal for derby to keep bringing back an old tradition with the touch. >> bring back a loss trade because barbers are kind of a dying breed these days. there aren't many of us left. i wanted to reestablish that father/son tradition of going to the barber and adding a modern twist where you can come in, have a scotch, whiskey, craft beer, and relax. >> i love it. >> reporter: reporting in reno,
8:36 am
>> as we said that's jaime hayden. everything inside derby is local and custom made. pretty cool shop. >> if you are interested the location of the shop 123 west first street. suite b downtown reno. for more information head over to our sister station's website. >> i like those places that take you back in time. kind of like a speak easy, those that exist, their secret spots if you like the 1930s and the insider bar. that's cool. i enjoy that. >> hopefully they do well many that spot as well. let's send it over to bill frankmore who is talking about the raiders. oakland raiders will remain in oakland for at least one more season. the team announced yesterday that they reached a one-year lease extension to keep playing at the coliseum in oakland in 2016. in addition to the lease extension, the team has two one- year options for the 2017 and
8:37 am
raiders who have played the coliseum have been on a year-to- year lease while looking in to a possible move to la. at a news conference the oakland's raider sounded pretty optimistic about the team's future in the bay area. >> this is about today. and the lease that we just signed with the city of oakland will give us an opportunity to work on a permanent facility for the raiders here in oakland and that is where we will keep it. >> just last month they gave the raiders, the option of relocating to los angeles in 2017. but only if the challengers declined an opportunity to move to l.a. they have also looked in to moving the team to either san antonio or yes this has gotten a lot of attention here, possibly las vegas. former wolf pack starting pitcher brayden shipley garnering some ideas. naming him the 24th best prospect in baseball.
8:38 am
of the arizona diamondbacks went 9-11 with an e.r.a. of 3.50. aa last year, not terrific numbers, but the 23-year-old is very impressive in the second half of the season. establishing a mid-90s fast ball along with offspeed and breaking pitches. there's a very good chance that we will see him in aaa reno this upcoming season. checking out to baseball. northern nevada has a new high school all american to be very proud of. reid high school junior pitcher julia jensen named first team all american by max preps as a sophomore last season julia lead the raiders to a division i state championship by going 34-2 inside the circle with an earned run average of under one, posting -- posting 346 strikeouts. she was nails at the plate with seven home runs, 43 runs granted in. in case you're wondering where julie will be playing in
8:39 am
home and play for your university of nevada wolf pack. ryan over to you. >> thanks, bill. valentine's day just a couple days away. if you're not sure what to get that special person, we've got you covered. some date and gift ideas for everyone. hey alex. >> reporter: hey good morning ryan. it can be hard finding that perfect gift or planning the perfect night out. lucky for you there's lots going on around town this weekend. love is in the air. >> if you can find it, grab it, keep it, hold it. don't ever let it go. >> love in general is pretty awesome. and i really don't know how to explain it. it's a good feeling. >> reporter: if you don't have a valentine's day this year there are still plenty of ways for you to meet someone. >> a lot of people have parties for single people on valentine's day. it gets fun every year. >> reporter: if parties aren't your box of chocolates, try social media and download the
8:40 am
swipe left until you see someone you like and then swipe right. who knows that it could be a match. it's as if you already have a special someone, but you don't want to tie the knot just yet that there are still things to do to show them how much you care. looking for the fun night out on town. the mixologist can spice up your treats. >> we do a whiskey sour for the men and then kind of like a grapefruit lemon drop for the women that are also doing a really cool chocolate gelato drink as well. >> reporter: what about a sweet treat for your sweet? >> and the favorite is chocolate dipped strawberries. we do a variety of those. chocolate tipped, coconut cream.
8:41 am
we do toffee. >> reporter: who can say no to the love ballot that is dedicated just to them. >> to find a new office, the men's fraternity. the biggest fundraiser of the year doing a lot of music rehearsals to get out to the community and the loved ones for the weekend. >> and now those singing programs are not just fun as they go towards a good cause. for more valentine's date and gift ideas head over to our website. coming up, valentine's day just around the corner as alex mentioned a delicious sweet treat to pick up for your loved one. you can pick one up for me.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
bundt cakes coming up. and welcome back everybody. your time now is 8:45. right now it is a cool 36 degrees in reno. well, if you've ever been over to trader joe's, you know the pool and the magnet. you know what that is, nothing, but cakes is located right there. who does not want to stop by. i may or may not do that. yes, i do. and so the owner of the favorite, one of my favorite spots to get a cake, delicious. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: a lot of people, we go there for birthday parties. my daughter loves the cakes. but valentine's day as well, what are you doing for valentine's day? >> all sorts of sweet treats.
8:46 am
you can grab little towers, bundtinis. decorated cakes, the white chocolate popcorn. >> it will be a great one for them as well. >> absolutely and they are really shareable to grab and you don't need to cut and serve, you know, that it will be easy. >> great for those classrooms as well. a big hit. you're dressing it up with these great little signs in the front. i love it. >> yes, happy valentine's day. >> is there a favorite -- favorite flavor? >> red velvet because it is red. chocolate, chocolate chip and the flavor of the month is chocolate turtle. then of course all the other flavors as well. >> what is chocolate turtle? >> the chocolate cakes, pecans, we drizzle that over the top and then frosting. over the top. >> you and i are going out after. okay. now, also, you know, talk about the hour. so if it is sunday, you know, valentine's day, can you go in, are you open? what are the hours that people need to know ahead of time?
8:47 am
to 6:00. sunday we're typically closed, open 11:00 to 4:00. you have samples for people to try, which is very nice as well. i'm gluten intolerant, you have that covered as well? >> we do, a gluten-free option. the flavor is chocolate cookies, it is very good. but the good thing about it, we offer the same frosting like all the other cakes. that is typically what they love. and you know that it will be more of a frosting. >> absolutely. it is so good and delicious and you've tried it out at least once, locally owned tier. real quickly if people want to get a hold of you, how can they do that? >> call the store. you can place an order at their bundt cakes.
8:48 am
saying, you go and enjoy it just a bit, it's delicious. thank you so much for being with us. over to you. >> all right, good morning to you. with high pressure that is still holding on with a mix of sun and clouds again just like the last several days. those clouds yesterday, they had a lot of cloud cover, keeping the temperatures from really warming up to the levels that we were expecting. we're kind of pulling back to today's highs just a little bit. still above average for this time of the year. some haze in the valley as a result of what has been persistent as we are not looking at too much. also still very warm temperatures. later on today, just like yesterday and the last several days, well above average. we're not really going for the record territory anymore at this point. 36 in town partly cloudy skies with the calm winds.
8:49 am
eastern side for the western side of the state as a result of the 30s and the 40s out east and the 50s and the 60s once again for western nevada. very similar to the last several days. some cloud covers mixing in. we will continue to watch that. otherwise that things will be dry well off to the north and until we will get to the middle of next week. that's when we will have the next chance for the moisture in the area and the other storm system on the way. finally we've had an extended break and now we're going to see an end to that breakthrough the middle of next week. the 30s and the 40s in eastern nevada. and light winds again, not too much going on. we are relatively quiet out days. those temperatures will remain pretty constant for the next several days as well. well above average by about 13 degrees today. so 63 is 13 above the average
8:50 am
probably not going to make a new record any time soon. 60s are pretty common. and also pretty much all the way across the sparks. and for wednesday and thursday they will start out warm, then colder air that will work in by thursday. we'll keep you updated, over to you. well, you are decorating. something that you would consider when it comes to being christmas and halloween. but they go all out and all for valentine's day. >> that's right as they report the neighbors in that area, they love it. >> how could spreading love, not be her mission? >> the second day i would start decorating for valentine's day. it's the day i would look forward to it. >> they get filled with the four-foot hearts, flashing with
8:51 am
wishes all starting when they were a little kid. >> you used to decorate them. everybody puts them inside of there and that i just love it. i was so excited to get that brown paper bags. >> people cannot stop by. >> that they will leave those coins in the kissing booth. that there is a little shelf. so there were four coins there, one was a quarter. and that one day i came home and one was missing. that i'm like somebody took that and leaving for the kiss. >> reporter: that it will be a labor of love all to enjoy whether they will leave that nickel or not. >> well their family is inviting the entire community come in and share a kiss in
8:52 am
>> i love that idea. >> still some people in my neighborhood with their christmas decorations up. >> that's a whole different story. stick with us.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
san francisco may have bat kid, but sydney australia has iron boy. >> 9-year-old dominic is battling cystic fibrosis. australian police hatched a plan to make it happen. >> police put dominic in the iron man costume and sent him on a mission to rescue and kidnap a tv reporter. dominic fought villains played by actors pulling off the rescue. he later received a special valor. so exciting to watch. never took that mask off by the way. he played the character through and through. >> very well. >> good job for him. good work. here you go the last look
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> i like the . she just spotted her boyfriend with another woman. >> and she's mad ats heck. >> how his car is bearing the prunt of one bad temper. >> she's likely to flip that bad boy over. >> if you thought getting up here was scary, now see a dare devil's video. >> of his descent. >> the terrifying moment he stops to take a call. [ speaking in foreign language ] a pricey lamb bororghini heads toward a tunnel where -- >> everything starts to come to a halt. >> see why everything, except the car behind him. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and students pull a valentine serenade. now we're sending a saxygram to


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